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Virtual Focused Guided Intuition Sessions

BodyTalk® Synchronization 
Immune Tune Ups


Keep your immune system healthy with Bodymind synchronization. Key immune system points are enhanced and strengthened. Reduces stress and inflammation response to help you weather the storm. We work via  Phone or Text. You will receive the treatment in a place you can relax and tune into yourself. Treatment times vary depending on your need. 

Animal Energetics

I use BodyTalk for Animals, Animal Talk to communicate with your pet and help them by balancing out their system. I have helped many animals, but I speak Cat fluently.  I have a great rapport with Dogs also. If your pet is having issues and your vet is stumped, allow me to have a conversation with them. Treatments are done energetically at the time of animals choosing. 

CranioSacral Therapy

Craniosacral is an amazing light touch therapy that helps to release tension in the nervous system. Using these techniques with focus from a distance is equally if not more effective. 
Tension in the tissue surrounding the nerves creates chronic pain patterns. Gently releasing these allows the body to self correct and self heal.  It helps keep auto immune response down, allowing greater immunity against outside enemies and less inflammation. Good for headaches, chronic pain, injury and anxiety. 

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