The Clinic


Subtle BodyWork in a calm serene setting.


We are located inside Yoga Village, Clearwater's Premiere Yoga Studio. We have a clean, quiet  and comfortable suite in the back of the studio.

Relaxing music, low lights, soft flannel sheets and trickling waterfall all work together to create the perfect retreat for you.


Before or after your session feel free to sip some tea in the Tea Lounge or relax in the Meditation Garden.


A wide range of Subtle BodyWork Therapies are available. 


Yoga Village

Meditation Garden

Treatment Room

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 The clinic has a Custom made Comfort Craft power lift table that lowers to 18" from the floor  to assist you in getting on and off the table. The lift table has a variety of adjustments to help us help you stretch tight areas and regain range of motion in your joints.  It is the "Cadillac" of Massage Therapy tables. There is no better equipment in the industry. 

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