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"5/10/02 One application of Body Talk Systems by practitioner Jacqui Linder, programmed at my weekly massage session, greatly improved my performance in three important athletic events in the winter of 2002.

In the February Gasparilla 15K road race I placed in the top 5 in my age group, despite a recovering pulled hamstring. The Body Talk treatment allowed my pace and breathing to synchronize.

Running my 19th consecutive Boston marathon with a comparative lack of training due to the hamstring injury, The Body Talk treatment gave me endurance to have a kick at mile 25 to finish in 4 hours to requalify for my 20th Boston marathon.

In my opening triathlon event of the 2002 season, St. Anthony’s Triathlon in St. Pete, the Body Talk treatment gave me a surge of competitive drive to catch all the 50-54 year old women on the bike, and run after they exited the swim before me. I was in 10th position out have the water and finished 1st in the age group. Body Talk administered by Jacqui Linder connects me to the wisdom in my body needed in individual race events."


Roz R.

"The release came just about the time I was putting on my make up in the Toys R Us parking lot. My heart is lighter thanks to you. Love you."

Gail W.

About four years ago, I developed a dreadful bronchial cough after losing my beloved Vizla dog. The congestion lingered on for months, as I grieved our loss. Many different homeopathic remedies were tried but none really made me well, until I happened into Jacqui’s office. Or son had met her and recommended that I go see her. I think it was my second or third visit, Jacqui was working her magic which she said was a combination of Lymph Drainage Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. Suddenly she quietly commented “there I believe its gone”, and sure enough as I was driving home I breathed in deeply and yes my chest was clear and I could at last take a good, clear deep breath and have continued to do so. I am still very impressed with her skill and willingness to stay informed, attending workshops, clinics etc. which keep her always actively learning as she assists her clients in their healing.Gwynn K. Safety Harbor, Fl

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