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Athletic Performance

"Citius, Altius, Fortius"

You've put in the time, you've been up before the sun, weight training, running, doing Burpees until your arms and legs want to fall off!  You've made the commitment to Just Do It! Now put the polish on the medal and get quality massage therapy and  bodywork to give yourself the "extra edge."

Top Competitors choose Quiet Spring for their Sports Massage and Bodywork. 

Active Isolated Stretching
Pre- Event
Sports Massage Therapy
Post Event

Pre- Event sessions are focused primarily on getting you ready to perform your best and are tailored specifically to your upcoming events' challenges.  Your session is guided by where you are in the moment. A combination of firm flushing effleurage is used to increase circulation, help remove excess metabolic waste products, so you can fly! Assisted Isolated Stretching (AIS) helps to increase range of motion in the joints to allow fluid movement. NMT is used very sparingly and only if necessary.




Speed  recovery with a post event session to help your body remove metabolic waste and feel better faster. Reduce post event soreness and stiffness with firm flushing effleurage, combined with NMT to release tension in overworked muscles. Moist Heat and Ice packs help to reduce pain in muscles and inflammation in joints. 






"Body Talk treatment gave me a surge of competitive drive to catch all the 50-54 year old women on the bike, and run after they exited the swim before me.

I was in 10th position out of the water and finished 1st in the age group." Roz R.

Electro Acupuncture
Rehab Sessions
Trigger Point Therapy

Rehab Sessions are done after an event and at least 2 weeks prior to your next event. A Rehab Session focuses on areas of spasm or injury. Shin Splints, calf cramps, rotator cuff injury, neck pain, low back pain and stiffness are treated with a variety of treatments. 

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) Myofascial Release, (MFR) MPS Electro Acupuncture and Hot or Cold treatments. The goal of a rehab session is to get you back in the game quickly. For more info on these therapies, check out the Injury Rehab Page here






A Monthly Wellness Massage is a great way to keep your body in top condition. We find that the therapist can feel areas of tension long before you notice there is an issue.  Getting these areas worked out can keep injury from happening in the first place. By the time you are feeling pain, it has progressed into a something that needs more intense treatment. Save yourself the aggravation and pain with regular care.





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