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Spa Treatments

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Perfect for when you need some soothing TLC. Pamper yourself with a little something extra. Check out this month's "Seasonal Splurge," Hot! Chocolate Massage. Or choose  a refreshing Zen Facial, Hot Stone Treatment or a Relaxing Massage with a Peppermint Hot Towel Foot treatment!

Seasonal Splurge

Hot! Chocolate Massage

Each season brings a special flavor to our lives and here at Quiet Spring it brings a special flavor to our massage.

Each season a special flavor or scent is chosen to be the Signature Special. For the Holidays it's  Yummy Hot! Chocolate. Organic Cacao blended with organic oils and a touch of cinnamon to ignite your fire! MMM Rich chocolate nutures and soothes your skin with mineral and antioxidants for a healthy glow. 

Add-on Hot Chocolate to any massage session for additional $20.00

Schedule a 60 or 90 min Relaxation or MFR session with Eileen.



Hot Stone Massage

Treat yourself to a fabulous massge with warmed basalt stones. Our stones, imported from the Andes Mountains in Peru, were selected for their amazing energy and vibration! 

Heated stones are placed in areas of tension that need a little extra care. ( Like tight low backs, neck and shoulders) Small stones are placed between toes, and he therapist then massages you with warmed stones in their hands. A completely relaxing, healing session!

Schedule a 90 Min Hot Stone treatment with Eileen

WoodSprite Handmade Organic Body and Skin Care Products 

We are excited to offer you fine quality Handmade Organic Body and Skin Care product from WoodSprite! Luscious smells, no fake fragrances or toxic ingredients!  To learn more about WoodSprite's Philosophy click here

Zen Facial 

Eileen uses a unique blend of hands on acupressure and Swedish massage strokes to tone, and tighten skin and underlying fascia.  Release tension in the face and jaw to help balance and restore facial symmetry. Lymph Drainage helps to detoxify and reduce puffiness in the face. Includes Cellular Light Rejuvenation to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen production.

Schedule a 60 or 90 Mim session with Eileen

Relaxation Massage

What could be better than a soothing, relaxing full body massage with natural oils? Our therapists know how to  help you unwind and let go. Snuggle into our cozy flannel sheets, after a soothing back massage, we put a moist heat pad on your back and let you float away while we give your feet the royal treatment with our Signature Hot Towel Peppermint Foot massage! Total Indulgence!



Schedule a 30, 60, or 90 Min Session with Eileen.

Schedule a 30, 60 or 90 Min Relaxation Massage with River 

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