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Covid Relief from Manual Therapy

I wanted to share information on how Covid affects people as they recover from Covid.

I have had the opportunity to work with several post-Covid patients, and I am

finding some similarities in them.

This is a severe disease that, when it manifests in its worst form, creates blood coagulation, blood clots in the internal organs, most notably the lungs, along with pneumonia.

When someone comes to see me for the first time, I notice a severe dampening of any of the subtle movements of the body. The lymph flow is stagnant, the cranial rhythm is sluggish and off balance, the blood-filled organs lack good motility, and the muscles feel flaccid and heavy, full of congestion.

I am doing a 5 part series to address each system individually and in concert with others. My athletes seem to do fine after one series; my less active clients might need 2 or 3 depending on how ill they were and how many other issues they deal with.

I start with opening and draining the lymph system to open the body's detoxification route. I stimulate drainage in the primary lymph nodes, secondary lymph nodes,

and the liver.

Then I work with the internal organs to get them moving again. Your organs should move with the breathing cycle, sliding and gliding on the peritoneal sheaths. This is called mobility. They also have their own inherent “motility” that is not dependent on the breathing cycle. There should be no restriction in either motility or mobility.

I believe the chronic exhaustion being experienced by Covid patients lies here in the blood-filled organs, lungs, liver, kidneys, and spleen that cannot recharge themselves because they can’t remove waste materials and reoxygenate with fresh blood well.

The next thing is to get the cranial system moving well so that the brain can get back online and support the body's healing process. I gently tune into the bones of the head and sacrum to release tension in the dural tube around the brain and spinal cord. This helps to drain waste and allow fresh blood into the brain and nervous system.

Clearer grounded thinking is a typical result with a relief of headaches, temporal mandibular dysfunction, sinus congestion, and poor eyesight.

2 or 3 good deep flushing massages to the muscles will help to reoxygenate muscle tissue and remove waste material that creates a feeling of heaviness and tiredness.

My clients are reporting that they are finally feeling like themselves again. They have more energy and feel as if their brain is on and functioning well.

For my clients recovering from Covid, I have created a special package to help them regain their energy and health.

Click here to purchase a Covid Relief Package and get better faster.


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