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Organic Body Care

Right now all I can think about is the new Organic Skin and Body Care products from WoodSprite Organics! These products are so yummy and smell fantastic! I was a little afraid when I ordered them; I had never tried them, never heard of them and just spent some cash on my first order! Yikes! But when they showed up, I took the HOT! Chocolate Body Butter out and put a little on my arm, OMG! I wanted to eat my arm! It is a luxurious creamy butter that just melts into your skin. It smells like Chocolate Heaven! All their products are 100% Organic, Handmade in small batches in the USA. They don't contain toxic ingredients, parabens or fake fragrances. (My pet peeve..) I had my friend Lana, put them through the "Lana test” and they passed! (Unheard off... I held my breath the entire time she was inspecting the label..) Check them out on the WoodSprite Body and Skincare page, and make sure your husband isn't hungry before you slather some of it on!


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