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Office Policies

Our mission is to provide top Quality Bodywork and Massage Therapy. We seek to create a  safe place for our clients to relax, heal, unwind and learn about Natural Health care options to acheive Optimum Wellness. In order to provide a high level of service,  we have created these policies to manage our client flow. 


For New Clients

If you have already made your appointment, the next step is to read the following policies. When you are done, click on the link below to download your intake forms. Please fill them out fully and sign. Print them and make sure you have them with you at your first appointment. The therapist cannot begin your treatment without them. If you do forget, or don't have access to a printer,  I will have  a set available at the office. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior.


We have a  map to help you locate us.  We are located inside Yoga Village.  


When you arrive, you may let the front desk know you are here.  If you are early  take a moment to relax in the Tea Room. Your therapist will always come out to greet you and escort you back to the treatment room. 


Please do not go back to the room unescorted. we may still be in with the previous client or returning a client call.  


Please do not wear strong colognes or smoke right before your session.


Cancellation Policy

Your treatment time is expressly reserved for you with  the service providers whose time is allocated exclusively to you throughout your treatment. I  understand that occasionally you may have to cancel an appointment with us. (Life happens to me too.) However, I do ask that you give  advance notice so I can give your time to someone on the waiting list. As a courtesy to all our clients and staff, it is company policy for all clients to give 24 hours notification of cancellation. We reserve the right to charge for chronic missed appointments without sufficient notice. 


Late Policy

Please  understand your treatment time begins at your scheduled appointment time and ends 30, 60 or 90 minutes later, depending on the amount of time reserved.
If we are unable to begin on time due to lateness on your account, you will receive only the time left in the session and You will be responsible for full payment.
If we are unable to begin on time due to the therapists timing, you will receive the full time or you will be offered extra time to be scheduled later at a time of your choosing.



Illness Policy

If you are ill, have a runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, or fever, Please Call to Cancel and reschedule for a later date. It is not good for you to get a massage when you are ill. It will just spread it and you will feel worse. We treat many people in our clinic that have compromised immune systems as well as cancer patients. Please don't bring illness into the clinic, you could impact others that can't defend themselves from illness. If you show up ill, you will be asked to reschedule and sent home with some hot tea to get better. 



Liability Policy

Massage therapy services are for the primary purpose of short-term relaxation and the relief of muscular tension. Massage therapy services are in no way a substitute for examination, diagnosis or treatment by a physician. Individuals providing massage therapy services are not qualified to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental illness and are not qualified to perform spinal or skeletal adjustments. Please understand  that any information you receive from individuals performing massage therapy services is educational in nature and is to be used at your own discretion.


And while the therapy you receive at Quiet Spring is a personal service, it is NEVER a sexual one.



Draping Policy

All our clients are properly draped during treatments. Female clients have a full body sheet draping, Male clients have a large towel hip drape. Proper draping techniques are used to preserve your modesty and perserve professional boundaries. 

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