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Lymph Drainage Therapy

Lymph Drainage Therapy helps restore proper flow to help your body remove toxins and waste material by draining excess lymph fluid. Gentle hands-on techniques are used to open up lymph nodes and move stagnant fluid. This therapy is great for general health and wellness, allergies, post-illness.  Expect to feel lighter, less tired,  breathe easier, have less pain.

I treat clients who are minimally compromised and compliant with their self-care.  Post-mastectomy clients are assessed and treated. Lymph is redirected away from non-functioning lymph nodes and trained to drain into another area.

Complex decongestive cases and chronic long-term lymphedema are referred out to a specialist.  Questions? Send me an email with your questions or concerns. We can schedule a short phone consultation to see if this therapy is right for you. 

What Lymph Drainage is NOT:  It is not deep tissue work to the abdomen.  It is a subtle tuning into the fluid movement under the skin to redirect and or drain tissue. It is light touch work. If you saw a Youtube video of a woman doing "contouring work" by tearing up tissue to release fibrous restrictions after liposuction and calling it lymphatic drainage, That is not what I do.

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