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CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy CST is a light touch deep therapy that focuses on the fibrous tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, the Dural Tube. (DT) 

Restrictions in the DT show up as an unhelpful movement pattern  in the CranioSacral Rhythm (CSR) or a complete lack of movement. Just as your breathing and heart rhythm want to be unrestricted, so does your DT. Compromise in CSR can happen from head injuries, concussions, emotional trauma, illness, physical trauma, PTSD, chemical toxicity. 

The work is very subtle. A very light touch is needed to feel this movement in the body. The CSR movement is as light as a butterfly wing. I use gentle contact made on the sacrum, spine, and specific cranial bones to assess and gently treat dysfunctions in the rhythm. Treatment is received entirely clothed. I suggest wearing something comfortable and non-binding.

Expect to feel very relaxed, calm, and peaceful after a session. 

Some sessions will dig a little deeper and can bring your awareness to an unresolved emotional story in your consciousness. This can be an excellent opportunity to address and release yourself from past trauma permanently. Time to process and integrate your session afterward is an important step.  

Every person receives the treatment differently. I recommend at least 3-5 sessions to assess how it is serving you. 

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